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Naum Trajanovski, Ph.D.

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Center of Figurational Research


Scientific activity

2021 – Adiunkt, Faculty of Sociology UW

2021 – PhD, Graduate School for Social Research, IFiS PAN, Warsaw

2016 – MA, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

2014 – MA, Interdisciplinary Joint Master’s Degree Programme in South-Eastern European Studies, Skopje, North Macedonia

Scientific interests

I am a sociologist interested in historical sociology, the history of sociology in East Central and Southeast Europe, nationalism- and memory studies. In the past years, I primarily worked on memory institutionalization, memory politics, and radicalization in the Balkans. I have extensively researched the new history museums in North Macedonia, the cultural and communicative memories of the 1963 Skopje earthquake and the post-earthquake reconstruction, the Bulgaro-Macedonian dispute over history and memory, and the post-2001-conflict interethnic relations in the state.

As part of the “Towards Illiberal Constitutionalism in East Central Europe” project at the UW, alongside the PI Prof. Marta Bucholc, I examine the modes of historicizing the contemporary Polish rule of law crisis. I focus on the oeuvre of Stanisław Ehrlich – his takes on legality, interest groups, and pluralism in non-democracies – and analyze his reception in Poland and beyond. This research builds upon my previous work on the cross-national sociological knowledge-transfers during the Cold War’s 1960s.


Research areas: historical sociology, the history of sociology in East Central and Southeast Europe, nationalism- and memory studies.

Selected publications


  • 2023, Sociology in (North) Macedonia: A History. London – New York: Palgrave Pivot, forthcoming.
  • 2022, Remembering the 2001 Armed Conflict in Macedonia: Modes of Commemoration and Memorialization. Belgrade: Humanitarian Law Center). Available via this link. Translated into Macedonian, Albanian and Serbian.
  • 2020, Operacijata Muzej: Muzejot na makedonskata borba i makedonskata politika na seavanje [The Operation Museum: The Museum of the Macedonian struggle and the Macedonian Memory Politics]. Skopje: Templum (in Macedonian).


Edited volumes:

  • 2023, Conflicting Remembrance: The Memory of the Macedonian 2001 in Context. Skopje: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Co-edited with Lidija Georgieva. Available via this link.
  • 2021, Skopskiot zemjotres od 1963 godina i postzemjotresnata obnova: Lični svedoštva [The 1963 Skopje Earthquake and the Post-Earthquake Urban Reconstruction: Personal Testimonies]. Skopje: Center for Research of Nationalism and Culture (in Macedonian). Co-edited with Petar Todorov. Available via this link.
  • 2021, Cultures and Politics of Remembrance: Southeast European and Balkan Perspectives. Skopje: forumZFD – Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology – Institute of National History. Co-edited with Biljana Volčevska, Petar Todorov and Ljupčo S. Risteski. Available via this link. Reviewed in Colloquia Humanistica.


Peer-reviewed articles:

  • 2022, Zbor imaat gragjanite: The First Sociological Study, the Polish Sociological Expert Aid to Macedonia in the Mid-1960s and the Post-Earthquake History of Interethnic Relations in Skopje. Colloquia Humanistica vol. 10, 1-41. Available via this link.
  • 2021, “A Patriotic Act for Macedonia”: The Mnemohistory of Mara Buneva’s Commemorations in Skopje (2001-18). Contemporary Southeastern Europe vol. 8(2), 83-104. Available via this link.
  • 2021, The City of Solidarity’s Diverse Legacies: A Framework for Interpreting the Local Memory of the 1963 Skopje Earthquake and the Post-Earthquake Urban Reconstruction. Journal of Nationalism, Memory & Language Politics vol. 15(1), 30-51. Available via this link.
  • 2020, The Three Memory Regimes of Ilinden Commemorations (2001-2018): A Prolegomenon to the Study of the Official Memory in North Macedonia. Southeastern Europe vol. 44(1), 28-52. Available via this link.


Projects in progress