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The Faculty of Sociology aims to conduct research, develop theoretical inquiry and teach sociology at the highest level of excellence. In the pursuit of its goals, the Faculty engages the entire community of scholars, students and staff, taking care to disseminate information about joint and individual achievements in teaching and research as well as current research projects.

Our faculty members have authored works in many fields of sociology, including foundation courses in systematic sociology, history of sociological thought, contemporary sociological theories, methodology and statistics, anthropology, and a number of specific sociologies (see Units).

As its basic principle of operation, the Faculty of Sociology combines teaching and academic research, both basic and applied. Our faculty aim to improve the quality of teaching by engaging the best-performing students (doctoral and other) in studies and projects conducted at our Faculty. This intertwining of teaching and research prepares students for independent research work, enriches the research process with students’ interpretations and teaches teamwork skills which are helpful in solving problems of interest for all participants to the research process. Despite a high proportion of practical and workshop-style classes, typical academic formats prevail in the curriculum (lectures, seminars and tutorials). The emphasis is put on students’ own work: they read and analyse texts, prepare written assignments, presentations and reports, take part in discussions and group work, and prepare to undertake their own research projects. Practical outcomes of education remain closely connected with purely academic ones.