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The cooperation between Webankieta and the Department of Sociology at the University of Warsaw started at the end of 2019. Within this framework, researchers receive free access to an administrative account and can set up additional accounts for students. All this is done to make conducting scientific research easier, and to give students and lecturers access to a tool that allows them to quickly collect and analyze information necessary for development and learning in the field of sociology.

Surveys at the Department of Sociology are used by students and lecturers, among other things for:

  • conducting scientific research for classes,
  • quantitative and qualitative research,
  • evaluating classes – the survey is a tool for better planning of the program and collecting students’ opinions on the classes conducted,
  • improving the organization of events related to the life of the University and students.

You can read more about Webankieta’s cooperation with the UW Department of Sociology in this article: https://blog.webankieta.pl/wspolpraca-instytut-socjologii-uniwersytet-warszawski-badania-naukowe-badania-ilosciowe/

On April 27, 2022, a letter of intent was signed regarding the cooperation of the Department of Sociology with the Foundation for the Development of Local Democracy.

The organizations are cooperating in the following areas, among others:

  • sharing information and data from empirical studies substantively related to the content of classes or to the topics of theses,
  • consulting programs and the manner of implementation of classes in the course Sociology of Social Interventions,
  • substantive preparation and organization of study visits and other projects of a workshop and practical nature aimed at students of the course Sociology of Social Interventions,
  • to undertake activities other than those indicated above aimed at improving the competence of students in the field related to the analysis and planning of public politics.