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Barbara Bossak-Herbst, PhD.

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Department of Social Anthropology and Ethnic and Migration Studies

Pokój: 301


Scientific activity

2007 – Ph.D., Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Warsaw

2002 – Master’s degree, Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw

Scientific interests

urban anthropology and sociology, social anthropology, Warsaw’s urban space, sociology of culture, cultural diversity

Selected publications


B. Bossak-Herbst, Warszawska enklawa. Świat społeczny wyścigów konnych na Służewcu, Oficyna Naukowa 2020.


B. Bossak-Herbst, M. Głowacka-Grajper,  ‘A woman has a problem of the type that she is a woman’: Feminisation in horse racing in Poland, “International Review for the Sociology of Sport” (online), 2021.

B. Bossak-Herbst, M. Głowacka-Grajper, ‘An oasis of freedom’ in communist Poland: The horse racetrack in Warsaw in the memory of its regular visitors, “Memory Studies”,  nr 6, 2020.

B. Bossak-Herbst, The multispecies community at the Służewiec Racetrack in Warsaw, “Journal of Urban Affairs” (online), 2020.

Book chapters

B. Bossak-Herbst, The multispecies community within the training and housing complex inside the Racetrack Służewiec, from pre-socialist, through socialist, to present-day Warsaw, w: Animals in the city, red. L. Reese, Routledge 2021, s. 152-178.


Projects in progress
Completed projects